How To: Build Halo 3 grenades with Legos

Build Halo 3 grenades with Legos

If you're into Halo 3 and you're into Legos, why not combine the two? Watch this video tutorial to learn how to build Halo 3 grenades with Legos (human and covenant), like the frag grenade, the plasma grenade, the firebomb grenade, and the spike grenade.

Halo weapons built with Legos:

*M9 HE-DP Fragmentation Grenade (Frag Grenade)
*Type-1 Antipersonnel Grenade (Plasma Grenade)
*Type-3 Antipersonnel/Antimatériel Incendiary Grenade (Firebomb Grenade)
*Type-2 Antipersonnel Fragmentation Grenade (Spike Grenade)

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