News: How to Make Tinfoil Cars

How to Make Tinfoil Cars

In this video, I show you how to build tinfoil cars for crushing with toy Monster Trucks.

My son Eston and I love monster trucks. One of the most exciting things when you go to see monster trucks live, is when they crush cars. Problem is, when you use your hot wheels or matchbox cars with your monster trucks, they don't get smashed. So the realism isn't there.

Well no more! Here's a very simple way to make crushable cars with aluminum foil!

Here are 3 reasons you should do this:

  1. It's MUCH more fun to smash things!
  2. It's cheap, tin foil is reusable!
  3. Your child will think you are the coolest person ever!

Follow these easy steps to make sure you are creating your tinfoil cars correctly:

Step 1: Find Tin Foil. This is usually located in the pantry of a house. Check there.
Step 2: Cut small rectangles of tin foil. Use your judgment on this.

Step 3: Find the cars you'd like to use as your mold. You can use pretty much any hot wheels or matchbox car that you want. They all work just fine.

Step 4: Get a small dish towel, and fold it up a couple times.
Step 5: Lay your tinfoil on the dish towel
Step 6: Lay the car of your choice on the tin foil.
Step 7: Grab 2 sides of the towel, and fold them up, squeeze firmly.
Step 8: Rock the towel front to back.
Step 9: Carefully take the aluminum foil off the car.
Step 10: Smash with your favorite monster truck!
Step 11: Repeat Steps 5 through 10.

You might be thinking, "Why can't I just use my hands to mold the tin foil?" You are welcome to give that a try, but when you realize how much faster and easier it is to do with a towel, you'll thank me.

That's it! You're welcome!

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