How To: Build hot air balloon out of a garbage bag

Build hot air balloon out of a garbage bag

This is a simple and easy tutorial, and anybody can build a hot air balloon out of a garbage bag by following the instructions in it. All one needs is a garbage bag, some stiff industrial wire and fire starter bars. The important thing, according to the author, is to judge how many fire starter bars will be required to make the balloon rise without melting its plastic body. First, two long wires are twisted together in the middle to make an 'X'. A smaller wire is twisted onto the middle of this 'X' for holding the fire starters. Then the four ends of the 'X' are pierced into the plastic of the bag near its mouth, with the fire starter holder pointing into the bag, and the fire starters are skewered onto the holder. The bag is then held upside down, the fire starters are lighted, and as the bag fills up with hot air, it starts to rise up.

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