How To: Build a LEGO arm chair

Build a LEGO arm chair

Learn how to make a LEGO Armchair with this video tutorial. You will need 4 1x2 flats, 1 2x2 flat, 1 2x2 flat smooth, 2 1x3 chunkies, 1 1x4 flat, 2 2x3 flats, 1 1x2 chunky, 2 curved 2x1 angle bricks, and 3 1x2 flat smooths. Take the four dots and take 1 1x2 flat and place it on top of one of the studs. Take the other flat and do the same. With the 1x4 flat, place it on top of the remaining two black studs. Take your 2 2x3 flats and take the 1x4 with the studs on the top and put them together to create the base of your chair. There should be a space on the underside. On the underside, connect your 2x2 flat. With the 2x3 chunkies, put them on either side of the base. Take the 1x2 chunky and place it in-between those. With the 1x2 flats, place them on top of the 1x2 chunky for the backside of the chair. The angle bricks create the sides of the chair.

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