How To: Build a LEGO snow plow

Build a LEGO snow plow

This video shows you how to build a LEGO snowplow. For this project you will need the following LEGO pieces: 1-1x4 plate, 3-1x2 plates, 1-1x2 plate with claws, 1-1x2 plate with handle, 2-1x1 smooth plates, 2-1x1 cylinders, 2-1x4 smooth plates, 1-1x6 smooth plates, 1-2x6 plates, 2 nozzle bricks, 2-1x1 claw bricks, and 2-1x1 slight slope bricks.

Build the bottom of the plow first by placing 2-1x4 smooth plates in the center of the 1x6 plate. Fasten the 1x1's on one side and the angled 1x1's on the other side. That is your shovel.

Next, to make the top of the plow, put the 1x2 plates together. Place them on top of the claw brick. Then, stack them in the center of the 1x4 brick. Put the nozzle bricks on either side of the center bricks. Place the 1x6 smooth on top. Place the cylinders on the front of the clawed brick.

Put your last 2 remaining pieces together, with the 1x2 on top. Stick the plow brick on top of it. Connect the shovel to the plow and place them on the front of a LEGO truck.

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