How To: Build a looping rolling marble machine with magnetic elevator

Build a looping rolling marble machine with magnetic elevator

Wow! No longer do you have to buy those huge marble machine roller coaster toys — you can DIY one! This video covers the materials, tools and techniques used to make a homemade rolling ball marble machine. If you haven't seen this rolling ball marble machine toy in action yet, WATCH IT. It's a looping rolling marble machine made with wood, rebar tie wire and polyurethane tubing, featuring a magnetic elevator.

The total cost to build this exquisite DIY toy is only about fifty bucks. And the supplies you'll need are:

* Wooden plank craft board (for the base)
* Wooden dowels (for the supports)
* Metal flashing (for the elevator)
* Heavy duty wire
* Gear head motor
* Gears
* Magnet
* Steel ball bearing
* Plastic chain
* Power source (such as 9-volt battery or AC adapter)
* Polyurethane tubing (or ice-maker tubing)
* Screws
* Superglue

* Saw
* Drill with various sized drill bits
* Wire cutter
* Spray-paint (optional)
* Wood stain (optional)
* Paintbrush (optional)

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Your video gave me a good idea for magnetic elevator. I am making a magnetic elevator, is there anyway to control the up and down position of the elevator using the same concept.

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