How To: Make an animatronic hand

Make an animatronic hand

Ever feel like you don't have enough hands? Build a third one! You will need a 3 foot aluminum rod, a piece of 2 inch by 4 inch wood, a 25 pack of 1/8 in by 2 inch toggle bolts, #6 by 1/2 inch metal screws, an electric drill, drill bits, 14 inch cable ties, and a hacksaw or chop saw. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to build an animatronic robot hand.

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very cool, i'm going to build one after i found out what toggle bolts are in dutch:-)

thanks for adding this:D

i built 2 ;D
for left and right, and as special an arm attached, looks cool!
thanks for this awesone idea!


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