How To: Make a LEGO Menorah

Make a LEGO Menorah

This tutorial demonstrates how to make LEGO Menorah which is used for decorative purposes. First a 1/3 angle brick and a transparent red color stud dot are taken. Then three red cans are taken. Now one of the red can is fixed to one side of the angle brick, leaving the middle open, fix one more can on the other side. The red stud is placed on the middle, on top of which the third can is placed. Now the first menorah is formed which can be placed on tables, walls, etc.
The second one is very similar except four red cans, a 1/3 red flap and a transparent red flap are taken. Fix the red stud on the middle of the flap and place two cans on either side. Put the third can on top of the stud. Now the fourth stud is placed on bottom of the flop where two holes could be seen. The can is to be placed in the middle of the two holes. The second Menorah is also made.

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