How To: Make a rubber band powered car with CD wheels

Make a rubber band powered car with CD wheels

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a toy car with CD wheels. The materials required for this task are: 2 thread spools, long piece of thing wood, 4 CD's, 2 screws, 2 washers and 2 bolts. Begin by drilling a hole in the spools and 2 holes in the wood. Then place a washer on the screw. Now place the CD on the washer. Then add another washer and secure it by screwing on a bolt. Now put the wheel through the first board of wood. Then put it through the spool and other wood board. Now make another wheel on the end. Do the same thing for the other set of wheels. This video will benefit those viewers who enjoy making arts and crafts, and would like to learn how to make a toy car with simple materials.

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i got i big help in my science project.

Many thx4your sweet tutorial Best regards from Germany,Berlin.

This made for the best birthday party idea for my 5-year old son. We added a paper body and used Home Depot paint sticks for the side wood pieces - also eliminated the self driving part to keep it a bit simpler.

Very, very beuatyfull car, magnific childrens and a nice place. I love this. Thanks for papa and momi.

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