How To: Make a steamboat with copper, a candle, & a bottle

Make a steamboat with copper, a candle, & a bottle

First, cut a plastic bottle down the middle the long way.
Next, put a little candle in one of the halves.
Then, using 1/8 inch copper tubing, make the engine by bending the middle of the tubing around a nail a few times, then removing the nail.
Use the nail to poke two holes in the back of the bottle (boat).
Push the ends of the tube through the holes.
Position the coiled part of the tubing (the engine) above the candle.
Bend the tubes sticking out the back of the boat downwards, so they'll be under water.
Place the boat in water and fill the copper tube with water.
Light the candle, and once the water in the tube boils, the boat will jerk ahead, then continue on its way. You've built a little steam engine!

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