How To: Make a sword out of cardboard

Make a sword out of cardboard

Learn how to make a sword out of cardboard with this video.
Cardboard, duct tape, masking tape, clear packing tape, cutting tools, scissors, box knife, dowel, broomstick, or plastic rod, paints, and aluminum foil.
When making cardboard swords follow these steps:

* First start by folding a big piece of cardboard in half.
* Next, draw the design of the sword you want to make on the cardboard.
*Cut out the shape from the folded cardboard that way you have two identical pieces of cardboard.
* Tape the ends of a broom handle or dowel with masking tape to make it more safe and then duct tape it to the inside of one of the cardboard cut outs. Make sure it is secure.
* If you are making a scathe no support is needed on the blade, just a dowel for the handle and make sure part of the dowel is sticking out of the top for a more real effect.
*Cover the blade with aluminum foil, then wrap foil in packaging tape to ensure it does not rip or tear.
* Next paint the handle and decorate with whatever ornaments or details you like.

After following these instructions you will be able to make any sword you want for any occasion!

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