How To: Modify an ERTL pump action toy shotgun

Modify an ERTL pump action toy shotgun

In this Hobbies & Toys video tutorial you will learn how to modify an ERTL pump action toy shotgun. Unscrew the orange part of the barrel and cut it as shown in the video. Sand out the part that will be used, get a funnel piece and add electrical tape around the nozzle and glue on a half inch PVC cup. Now put electrical tape around one half of another tube that is of the same height as the funnel piece and glue it on to the funnel piece. You then put hot glue in to the open area. The next step is to replace the trigger spring with a stronger spring. Remove the trigger and sand off the square ridge as shown in the video. Then re-assemble the trigger with the stronger spring in place. Drill a hole and put a bolt through the body of the gun and rest one end of the spring against it. To strengthen the plunger spring, add a bigger spring and then watch the video for further instructions.

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