News: Ca-Ching. LEGO Brick Bank Dispenses Real Cash

Ca-Ching. LEGO Brick Bank Dispenses Real Cash

100% functional LEGO ATM by Ronald McCrae. This bonafide brick bank performs the following functions:

  • Ca-Ching. LEGO Brick Bank Dispenses Real CashBill scanner can be calibrated to accept any type of banknote
  • Machine accepts only the type of bill for which it is calibrated
  • Tolerances for bill acceptability are adjustable directly on-brick
  • Viewable histogram compares calibration and live data from bill scanner
  • Functional numeric keypad uses a combination of touch and light sensors
  • Entire customer database is restored from flash memory at startup
  • Customer database is automatically saved after each transaction
  • ATM card is retained if wrong PIN code is entered three times
  • ATM card is retained after a period of inactivity
  • Coin and banknote value can be configured directly on-brick
  • Uses a custom created 9x13 pixel rotated text font (pictured below)
  • NXT buttons function as selectors for menu options displayed on-screen

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