News: Hack a Nerf gun for superior fire power

Hack a Nerf gun for superior fire power

Store bought Nerf guns don't always achieve the velocity necessary for an effective assault.

Zach Scott's solution: mod the toy. Known for his fantastic cat videos, Zach claims this hack increases trajectory by at least 25%! Every bit counts when you're in an all out foam war.

As devoted Nerf-lovers, we're still waiting to hear whether Bowling Green University in Ohio will lift their campus ban on Nerf guns. The legislation destroyed the campus' role playing battles on the basis that the fluorescent foam launchers were being mistaken for real weapons. Oddly enough, the fact that the students were dressed as zombies when firing the neon guns did not help campus security to see the 'fake' nature of their shoot outs.

Check out Nerf Gun Ban Hinders Zombie Battle.

Make Nerf foam darts fly

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i can't believe the larp guys didn't zombie-fy there nerf guns
like the GEARS OF WAR mod. that gun is sick. looks just like the chainsaw bayonet from the game


I'm not familiar with the construction of Nerf guns, so my question is whether this will work on mostly all Nerf guns, or just this specific model or family of guns.

cool. if they could get a stronger spring and then lock the reload thing back, it would kill

that's bad for KIDS!!!!!!

Next you remove the suction tip on the darts and replace with a razor tip for a better kill ratio.

HAHAHA! Good one man!

very interesting ask and seek answer type of video. I really like how he supported the demonstration with before and after facts.

With a little luck, I can make it strong enough to take out someones eye, or pierce their chest cavity!

yea for gun culture

I have the same gun, and when I moded it a bit along with the same things done in this video, I also stretched the spring in the firing mechanism--- I can get about 40 ft out of it now. I have way tto much time on my hands.

You could also get a longer or heavier spring if you know the diameter of the original spring. Unlimited possibilities!

tatja1 my question to you is how is this bad?

why don't they sell it in stores like that?

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