News: Hack a toy from a VHS tape

Hack a toy from a VHS tape

Pachinko originated in Japan as large casino machines that were similar to video slot machines. Players gambled on them for prizes. They were then adapted and became popular in the US as handheld kids' toys made of cardboard, a couple of BBs, some plastic and a rubber band.

Nextraker has created an entirely new, retro-recycled version. Here he hacks a VHS tape, cleverly creating a perfect pinball-style field even using the metal braces as a ball launcher.

We happen to think it's extremely cool. The innovative use of the antiquated VHS tape gives it some serious DIY cred. Happy hacking!

Hack a VHS tape into a toy pinball machine

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got tons of these laying round --- very cool idea

lool.. so ghettooo

Lolz, and I actually thought he was gonna make something cool out of that xD

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