News: Who Knew LEGOs Could Be So Deadly?

Who Knew LEGOs Could Be So Deadly?

Seems just about anything can be constructed with LEGOs these days. You name it- a printer, an engine, an ATM, guns... even a house!

Who Knew LEGOs Could Be So Deadly?

Dave and John Xandega's circular saw is made with LEGO bricks, but the blade is definitely real:

"She's got a Lego 9V Battery Housing and Motor from our 'Z'naps' set (and swiped a longer patch cable from our Mindstorms goodies)... she spins a REAL blade, with the carbide tips removed and the 'Pockets' rounded off. The blade slips on the axle as well, so if someone DOES try to touch it, it will stop spinning!"

This LEGO "toy" sure ain't for kids...

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