How To: Modify a Nerf Firefly toy gun

Modify a Nerf Firefly toy gun

In this Hobbies & Toys video tutorial you will learn how to modify a Nerf Firefly toy gun by replacing the barrels with CPVC and adding a new spring. You start with the power blaster and open it up. Remove the turret by removing other parts as shown in the video. Remove the screws from the turret and pull it apart. Cut off one side of the front end of the turret. Now cut 8 x 3” CPVC barrels, wrap black tape around one end and ram them into the back of the turret. Then pull out the plunger, add a new spring and re-assemble the gun and it’s done. Watch the video for the demonstration.

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If I wanted the light to use the glow darts, could I just remove the guts of the dart chambers so I'd have clear tubes? Or would that completely screw up th egun?

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